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Level Snobbery: How Singapore Solved this Age-Old Problem for Dancers

In 2018, West Coast Swing is thriving on the sovereign city-state of Singapore in Southeast Asia. Under the leadership of Wee Tze Yi and Dalena Lee, as well as their team of
By : T Statman | May 9, 2018

Swing Legends: On Changing The Name of West Coast Swing [Interviews]

Someone who recently bought an “I Speak West Coast Swing” shirt was asked what she would do with the shirt once the name of West Coast Swing changed next month. She was
By : T Statman | Mar 8, 2018

House of Groove Cancun: Recap [Pictures]

Two entrepreneurs, a Programmer, and a Yogi, living and working together in Cancun for two weeks… sounds like the beginning of a joke. I want to share these experiences from House of
By : admin | Feb 26, 2018

The Blog is BACK!

Hey guys! The old Westie blog from 2016 is back up! I’m so happy to bring this blog back to life. Many thanks to the amazing team who contributed their time and
By : admin | Feb 19, 2018

Strictly Swing Business: The Complete Guide to Strictly Swing

Do you enjoy dancing with someone and wish, “Dang! I wish I drew them in a Jack and Jill!” Well, while you can’t select your own partners in a Jack and Jill
By : | Nov 16, 2016

3 Ways You Can Defeat The Dreaded Westie Wall

Frustration. That pesky adversary that you will encounter many times in your Westie career. A lot of us seek that instant gratification and desire to become incredible, amazing dancers overnight. In the
By : | Oct 26, 2016

Tuesday Tip #16 – Growing Your Community

Each week, Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay post Tuesday Tips, advice from the pros to the larger Westie community about everything from dance etiquette to great ways to learn in workshops. We at
By : admin | Oct 25, 2016

7 Ways to Make Workshops Work For You

Workshops are a huge element of event weekends. Event directors gather top-level instructors from all over the globe to give YOU, the students, a world-class education in a subject you love. Here
By : | Oct 19, 2016
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