On a Saturday night at The Challenge in Texas, my friends and I were in desperate need of some coffee, so we hopped in a car and set out in search of “the ‘Bucks.” The first one we found was closed (I don’t remember how that happened… I feel like we would have used Yelp to check that it was open first??). The second Starbucks turned out to be in a mall. The mall was basically closed. In fact I don’t remember seeing any other customers or employees and I feel like all the stores were closed. We frolicked through the wide, empty halls, ran up the escalators, and saw the Starbucks (I swear it had rays of light emanating) from across the second floor expanse. Turned out that Starbucks wasn’t open either. We’d missed it by less than thirty minutes!

As we wandered back we happened upon a hotel in the mall. Yes, IN THE MALL. Whaaat?!! My excitement level was through the roof–a hotel in a MALL?? I guess I’d just never heard of that. (In retrospect, it was probably only attached to the mall, not fully inside it. But still.)

My friend told me it was the Wild Wild Westie hotel and I thought it was an amazing idea to have an event in a hotel attached to a mall. When dancers take over hotels during events, it’s like we have a whole domain for adventure and fun with friends, so having that in a mall gives us tons of new opportunities! I think my friend told me the event even does some dancing in the mall… or maybe I just dreamed that up myself. I was pretty tired.

There was a sign at the entrance to the hotel that gave us hope for finding coffee inside, so we ventured in. To our infinite delight, they did have a cafe/bar that was still serving coffee!! But our excitement was short-lived… our excursions had thoroughly tired us out so we passed out in the lounge area for a bit. Soon we were up again, lattes in hand and already buzzing on adrenaline. We ran back to the parking lot and set out to The Challenge hotel rejuvenated and fully prepared for some killer late-night dancing.


Wild Wild Westie is actually coming up at the end of June. For more info on the event check out www.wildwildwestie.com. Unfortunately the Challenge was cancelled for this year but we’re hopeful that it’ll be back in the near future. Hooray for our Texas Westies and their killer events!


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