Hello, Westies! We created the Dance Definitions series to be a database of basic West Coast Swing terms and concepts, in the hopes that this will become a helpful resource for our dance community. Each week some amazing pros will be bringing us a definition and short explanation of the week’s term. This week we have Clint Glasgow from Australia and the legendary Sonny Watson defining “Posting.” Check it out!

Clint Glasgow

Posting is when a leader starts opposition in the connection (and the hand stops moving as if on a post) so the follower can prepare for a change of direction typically (for e.g) on count 4 of a 6 count basic pattern by not letting your arm out, as well as asking the follower to not progress further down the line of dance. It’s not specific to any particular count as posting can be created within patterns. A Leader, when posting needs to make sure they are not restricting the follower from continuing their motion. Posting is a part of WCS and is a great tool to create great opposition, stretch and connection.

Sonny Watson

Posting: “Statment of Placement.” in brief: Posting is the step (count 4 or 6) before your anchor of say a 6 or 8 count pattern (‘this posting technique’ can be used on other counts, as well as extended counts such as a 10 count etc.) This is used by both leads & follows. Basically its a ‘statement of placement’ communication… meaning that the dancers are stating this is where they will anchor at the end of a slot pattern thru body placement (or finish if used on other counts besides the last step before anchor). Although “floating slots” (sideways anchors) as well as traveling (forward/backward) can still happen after a post. This posting technique also makes you accountable for your own centering, balance, poise and body control rather than depending on ones partner to slow you, keep your balance, hold you up, drifting backwards etc. at the end of a pattern thus providing a more confident connection. Also shows you know where the end of the slot is visually! Application is basically: step with foot slightly apart in momentums direction (side,back,fwd.), set leg to control momentum rather than use arm(s) and lift/tone body to stop your momentum.


I don’t know about you, but this answered so many of my questions about posting, and brought up some new questions as well! To follow up with the pros for more info, see their profiles below.

You can also check out last week’s post defining “Anchor Steps” with Stephen and Sonya White and Kara Frenzel >here<.



Clint Glasgow (AUS) & Mackenzie Goodmanson (USA)

Recognized as one of the best long distance partnerships in WCS today. These two are a dynamic team who love travelling the world teaching and performing. Together they are two time US Open and three time Swingdiego Classic division finalists and are the current US Open Allstar Jack & Jill Champions.

Clint Glasgow is one of Australia’s most successful West Coast Swing Leaders as well as one of Australia’s most successful Modern Jive competitors to date! He’s an Allstar/Champion level dancer and sought after teacher who loves to coach, motivate and inspire people to enjoy and have fun with their dancing. He’s a typical Aussie who loves surfing, bike riding, and the outdoors. Clint is also the owner and event director of a WSDC event Best of the Best (Gold Coast) www.bestofthebestwcs.com which is the longest running designated WCS event in Australasia.

Mackenzie is a former competitive rhythmic gymnast. Her background in ballet and various other solo styles adds depth and variety to her real passion WCS! Right now Mackenzie spends her week teaching up and coming gymnasts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sonny Watson Pic
Sonny Watson started dancing Hustle, Country-Western and various Swing dances in and around Los Angeles, California around 1979/1980. By 1982 he had won many contests and began teaching West Coast Swing and other dances. He went on to found the Valley Swing Dance Club with his friend and mentor, the legendary Kenny Wetzel, in February of 1985. The club is still very active today. In November of ’85 he entered his first ”U.S. Open Swing Dance Championship” with his then partner Valerie Browne. Since then, Sonny has competed in the U.S. Open Showcase (plus ‘N.A.S.D.E. circuit’) and Pro/Champion Strictly Swing divisions, as well as the Local and National Champion division Jack and Jill’s for many, many years. Sonny was also invited to dance in the illustrious “Champion of Champions Invitational” in Arizona, and later, Sonny and his then partner Deanna Mollmann took ‘First Place’ in the biggie … the original … “U.S. Open Pro Streetswing division” in 1997 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA, making him a US Open Champion. Through the years, Sonny has competed in a vast number of contests, which have taken him all over the USA. Sonny has received many awards, including two he is most proud of ”The U.S. Open Teacher / Promoter award” and being inducted in 1995 and 2006 (yes 2x’s) into the “California Swing Dance Hall of Fame” and then later in 2007 being inducted into the “World Swing Dance Hall of Fame.” He was also inducted into the 2007, ”All~Swing DJ ”Hall Of Fame” and last but not least the ”2012 U.S. Open: Walk of Legends.” Sonny has also been rated in the Top Ten N.A.S.D.E. Tour many times through-out the 1990’s and is also credited in many dance books and manuals. Sonny has been given the grand title of Council Historian (and Chairman of that Board) for the World Swing Dance Councils ‘Dance History Department’ (which basically just consists of him, good title tho lol). … This guy knows his stuff and his peers know it! Sonny’s website has many valuable resources at www.streetswing.com

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