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The old Westie blog from 2016 is back up! I’m so happy to bring this blog back to life. Many thanks to the amazing team who contributed their time and energy to making this happen the first time: Stephanie Pham, Andrea Rafter, Katie Fallon, Gary Jobst, Joshu Creel, Shelby Brokaw, and others. Also a huge thank-you to Andrew Sunada who figured out how to get the content back. YES!

Last time we did a number of series’, including Welcome Wagon posts for new Westies, Dance Definitions from top pros, and Hugo and Stacy’s Tuesday Tips. This time we’ll be focusing more on special-interest articles and–you know me–I’ve got some creative ideas to test out. 😉 The timeline won’t be as consistent (last time the team was producing posts almost daily), but you can stay up-to-date by subscribing. I’ll include a subscription form below. Clicking the “Blog” option will send you updates whenever a new post is published. Especially at the beginning I’ll be doing some experimenting with different kinds of posts, so I’d love to get your feedback!

This Is West Coast Swing seeks to unite and empower Westie creators, giving the WCS scene innovative ways to shape the community and stay up-to-date on what’s going on in our dance family around the globe.

We are West Coast Swing. If you’d like to get involved or have a project or topic idea you’d like to share, please shoot us an email at official@thisiswestcoastswing.com or message our Facebook Page @ThisIsWestCoastSwing.

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